Paramount 9000 GC-RCD (P9000R) is a process gas chromatograph (GC) coupled with a reducing compound detector (RCD) specifically designed for analyzing trace level of H₂ and CO in UHP gases. Trace impurities, such as H₂ and CO, in a gas stream are separated by the GC and detected by the RCD via highly sensitive Hg absorption spectrometry. The integrated design of P9000R gas analyzer allows continuous monitoring of H₂ and CO in UHP process gases with unsurpassed sensitivity and stability.

Reaction of reducing compounds with HgO produces Hg vapor:

M + HgO (solid) → MO + Hg (vapor)
H₂ + HgO → H₂O + Hg
CO + HgO → CO₂ + Hg

Hg vapor is detectable by UV absorption spectrometry at ppb concentrations.
Paramount 9000 GC-RCD