A flame ionization detector (FID) detects hydrocarbon by ionizing the compound with a hydrogen flame and collecting the resulting electrons. The number of electrons generated is directly proportional to the number of carbons in the hydrocarbon compound. Paramount 9000 GC-FID (P9000F) integrates our GC with a high sensitivity FID. This unique FID is equipped with a special flame tip and provides sub ppb detection of CH₄, CO₂ and NMHC in UHP process gases.

Burning of hydrocarbon (CH) containing molecules, such as CH4, and NMHC, in a H2 flame produces CHO+

CH + H₂ Flame → CHO⁺ + e⁻

Collection of ionic species in a high voltage field
Measurement of current via an electrometer amplifier
Paramount 9000 GC-FID